Kristina Fey

First Impressions

Another girl from the Fey family (I don’t think they’re actually sisters) has launched her own website and filled it with super cute pictures. Kristina is one of the youngest looking teen models on the web; she’ll probably look 18 years old for the next decade. She has long blonde hair, a tiny teen body, and a cute ass. She smiles an awful lot and seems to be quite fond of showing off her posterior. I’m looking forward to spending a little more time with her.

Hot Promises

Kristina claims to be a kinky girl that wants to inhabit all of our fantasies, which sounds pretty good to me. She offers exclusive photos at 1024x768 or higher and hot video clips that look great full screen. She’s really very hot, and she freely flashes her tits to the audience. Kristina doesn’t do any lewd pussy posing shots, but she does give us glimpses every now and then.

Round Up

There’s an awful lot of junk on the member’s landing page, mostly ads, so you should probably just skip right over all that crap and head into the pictures section as soon as possible. Once there you’ll find more than 500 photo galleries, each with 50-80 images. There are so many picture galleries here it can be hard to choose just one to start with. They’re all quite excellent though, so you won’t run out of hot pictures for quite some time. In addition, Kristina adds a new gallery every three days, which gives you at least ten new experiences a month.

Many of the galleries are broken up into several parts, something that has always bugged me a little. It’s especially bothersome when the parts are uploaded weeks apart; making it difficult to find the conclusion to a gallery I just viewed the first half of. Still, Kristina is hot enough to make complaints of that nature a minor distraction at best. There’s one gallery under the title Feycurls that I particularly enjoyed. In it Kristina’s wearing a loose fitting top, purple skirt, and black leather boots. The good stuff starts when she strips off everything but the boots and poses naked. She looks phenomenal, especially with the sexed up hair and glossy lips.

Most galleries feature a variation on the basic striptease theme. Kristina dresses in something either sexy or cute, depending on the mood she’s in, and then slowly strips out of it while you watch with your tongue hanging out. She’s quite effective at teasing you with glimpses of her sweet body. By the time she actually gets naked your balls will be tingling and your heart pounding. While she doesn’t go spread eagle and give up close shots of her pussy, Kristina does give us glimpses of her lips and the patch of hair that covers most of her nether region. I find it to be much sexier than a girl that just invites us inside for a look.

Kristina has filmed 45 video scenes for her members, each of which is broken up into multiple downloadable files. The videos separate themselves somewhat from the picture galleries by doing more than showing Kristina performing stripteases. Instead you can see things like toe sucking, outdoor nudity, upskirt shots, and slice of life videos where we see Kristina out and about in the world. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the scene entitled ‘Whip.’ In it Kristina is dressed in a black leather mini dress and holding a whip. She works the dominatrix look well and it’s incredibly sexy. Other highlights include ‘Bed’ and ‘Takeoffpanty.’ Give those a look first when you’re browsing. The videos aren’t updated so it’s impossible to know when new clips are added. There’s a decent collection already in place though, so you should be good for a while.

One thing that KristinaFey is missing is access to bonus sites. There’s a small section labeled Special Guest Access, but the two sites listed there require you to pay a fee in order to view anything. I guess the producers of the site figure that there’s so much content here you don’t need anything else to be satisfied (they’re right by the way). There is a friend section with galleries for other girls however. There are more than 60 models and sites featured, each of which comes with three promotional galleries for your entertainment. The entire section is nothing more than a giant advertisement, but free is free and you’d be a fool to pass it up entirely. Check it out when you’ve had your fill of Kristina and are looking for something a little different.

Croco’s Opinion

The best thing about KristinaFey is the huge archive of content. There are more than 500 galleries in the archive, with a new one coming down the pipe every three days. It also helps that Kristina is a sparkling beauty with a great smile and a hot body. You can’t go wrong with a babe like this.


Making your way through the member’s area is very easy. The navigation options are plainly laid out, the picture galleries feature good sized thumbnails, and the content areas aren’t so overstuffed with images that you feel overwhelmed. The member’s area is a little overwhelmed with ads, but you can simply ignore them.

Pricing Policy

A 30 day membership costs $29.95 when billing by credit card, check, or anonymously through NetCash. You can also pay by phone, which is a little pricier at $34.95. The best deal is to sign up for 90 days and pay only $59.95. Everything is recurring except for the phone billing.

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